Earn your Associate in Applied Science in Nautical Science degree in just two years on a fast-track to employment!  Northeast Maritime Institute students are introduced to the exciting world of nautical science. Explore opportunities to travel in the "Semester at Sea" program, where you will gain real world experience and build professional relationships in the industry.


Our teaching model includes hands on learning, simulator training, classroom theory and internship experiences for all styles of learning.

Course Offerings - General Education


Some of our general education courses in the degree program have been designed so that the skills students are learning can also be applied to their Nautical Science studies.



• Technical Physics & Laboratory

• Technical Mathematics

• Critical Writing

• Maritime Literature

• Sea Journals I & II

• Introduction to Ocean Science



Course Offerings - Maritime Courses


• United States Government

• United States History

• American Civilization

• Sociology

• Psychology

• Meteorology

• Navigation Rules*

• Barge Tankerman

• Ship Handling and Towing*

• Marine Meteorology

• 200 Gross Tonnage License Preparation

• Ship Management and Operations*

• Introduction to Sail

• Advanced Sail Training

• Marine Engineering

• Introduction to Naval Architecture, Trim, Stability

• Basic Marine Safety

• STCW Navigational Watch I & II

• Nautical Science*

• Proficiency in Survival Craft

• Terrestrial Navigation

• Electronic Navigation*

• Radar*

*Courses with simulator use

We don't call our students "cadets"



NORTHEAST MARITIME INSTITUTE offers non-regimented maritime education and training that propels our students into the workforce through internships that matter because they spend (90) days at sea.


Employment projections data for water transportation workers, 2014-24:


Sailors and marine oilers:


Employment 2014          Projected Employment 2024          Percent          Numeric


        28,300                                     30,900                               9%               2,600


Captains, mates, and pilots of water vessels:


Employment 2014           Projected Employment 2024          Percent         Numeric


         35,100                                     38,700                              10%             3,600




Median annual wages for water transportation workers in May 2015 were as follows:


• Sailors and marine oilers:    $41,260

• Captains, mates, and pilots of water vessels:  $76,780



Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2016-17 Edition, Water Transportation Workers,

on the Internet at (visited December 27, 2016).

NMI is seeking...


Dedicated & Compassionate Individuals who are:


• Interested in attending a trade school

• Interested in a career at sea

• Not interested in a traditional four-year college program

• Seeking a travel-oriented career

• Current mariners looking for career advancement




Public Relations


Notice Regarding Northeast Maritime Institute’s Degree Granting Authority by the State of Massachusetts


A copy of the following notification was sent to the Office of the Secretary of State concerning the approval on October 21, 2014, of Northeast Maritime Institute Inc.’s request to offer the Associate in Applied Science in Nautical Science, provided that the Board of Higher Education undertake to review, during the next year, the continued progress of the institution toward meeting the goals set forth in connection with its petition to the Board of Higher Education and subject to its compliance with the following stipulations:



1.  The DHE will commission an external committee review of the continued progress of NMI towards meeting all standards of the 610

     CMR 2.10.  This report shall be completed by June 30, 2015.


2.   The institution shall enroll a relatively small cohort of no more than 11 students in January 2015.



Richard M. Freeland


Massachusetts Department of Higher Education