Northeast Maritime Institute (NMI) was founded in 1981 and prides itself in being one of the forerunners in private maritime education and training in the United States and around the globe. We are an organization that revolves around the needs of our students, and are dedicated to ensuring that they receive top-quality maritime education and training as well as the highest dedication of service from our staff and administration. We are here to ensure that our students complete the training necessary to receive their United States Coast Guard and/or Commonwealth of Dominica license, as well as the general education courses to earn as Associate in Applied Science in Nautical Science as a foundation for their future. We are committed to working within communities world-wide to develop awareness for safe and efficient commericial maritime operations.


NMI is also recognized by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as a world leader in delivering top-quality maritime education and training services worldwide. NMI has been invited to present at IMO committee and subcommittee meetings.

After 31 years of providing the highest quality professional continuing educational programs, NMI filed for and was granted approval by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education to offer an Associate in Applied Science in Nautical Science.

Northeast Maritime Institute’s Associate in Applied Science in Nautical Sciencee education model provides for theory, soft-practical, and applied learning through lecture, hands-on and simulator training, as well as Summers at Sea to ensure the success of students. Graduates will earn an Associate degree as a building block for their future as well as several licenses and endorsements from the United States Coast Guard, Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Administration, and/ or International Yacht Association, to enable them to start their career after graduation.


The program is delivered as a “cohort” style of education, where faculty and students alike shall be both learners and students together – always striving to become the very best mariners that they can be! We created this program to foster the philosophy that an intimate educational experience nurtures not only the individual, but also the cohort. Each group of students going through this program will be become a family unit. They will study together, grow together, learn from one another, and establish a group identity together that will last a lifetime.


The students will be transformed into a cohesive group, while developing individual skills necessary to enter the maritime industry. They will be able to safely and efficiently manage, maintain, adapt, and operate within the current and future needs of the maritime industry.


Since 1981, NMI has been operating successfully in the maritime education and training industry. Having established a reputable institution for continuing education that has flourished for three more than decades, Northeast Maritime Institute’s founders have decided that the next phase of the school is to create a Division of Higher Education that offers a degree paired with appropriate Merchant Marine licenses. The resources necessary to the success of this program, and the assets to deliver such a program are already in place.


They are notably the best found throughout the nation. Our simulation centers, our training aids, our training vessels, and our experienced faculty and staff have historically received the highest ratings of any school providing maritime education and training in the United States according to the U.S. Coast Guard audit scheme. Utilizing these pre-existing assets, the Institute is ready to begin the implementation of an Associate in Applied Science in Nautical Science.