Student Complaint Process Information
Student Complaint Process Information

Code of Student Conduct Complaints and Academic Grievance Procedures:

Northeast Maritime Institute (NMI) strives to provide the highest quality education and academic services to all students of the NMI community. If a student feels that they have been treated in a manner that is not consistent with NMI’s official policies or State law, the student is required to file a complaint in accordance with this policy which will provide for a timely response and resolution.

Students should note that complaints regarding student conduct, or relating to Title IX, must be made in accordance with the procedures as contained in the NMI Student Handbook.

Student Complaint Procedures:

A student with a complaint should use the Student Complaint Form, which is available at the Registrar’s Office, or online by clicking here, for describing the nature of the complaint along with contact information that the College can use to respond to the student. The form must be completed by the student, signed and sent as a paper copy to the Dean of Students.

The Office of the Dean of Students will maintain a record of all written complaints received under this policy, as well as documentation of how the complaint was addressed.

The following procedures will be followed once a student complaint has been received:

1. Student complaints shall be in writing and made on the Student Complaint Form.

2. Student complaints shall be made to the Dean of Students, Northeast Maritime Institute, 32 Washington Street, Fairhaven, MA 02719.

3. Within three working days after a complaint has been filed, the DOS will meet with the complainant and attempts will be made to determine the validity of the complaint and provide a resolution, if possible.

4. In the event that the complaint cannot be resolved by the DOS and complainant, the complainant may request a hearing before a Student Grievance Committee. Such request must be in writing to the DOS and must be made within three working days following the meeting between the DOS and complainant.

5. Student Grievance Committee

a. The Student Grievance Committee shall be composed of three (3) individuals from within the institution to be appointed by the DOS. One individual shall be designated as the chairman who will be responsible for the organization of the committee and reporting to the DOS.

b. The Student Grievance Committee will:

i. Set a date for a meeting with the complainant within seven working days from the date of receipt of request.

ii. Inform complainant at least three working days before the hearing of the date, time, and place of the intended hearing.

c. Within three (3) working days following the hearing before the Student Grievance Committee, the outcome will be communicated to the complainant and a record will be kept by the Institute.

d. Complainant will be notified in writing of procedures and right to appeal to the President.


Resolution of all types of unlawful discrimination and discriminatory harassment complaints, including disability discrimination, fall under the Dean of Students. The College is committed in policy, principle and practice to maintain an environment that is divest of illegal discriminatory behavior. This commitment encompasses any employee, student, applicant for student status or employment, or other participant in programs or activities of the College who believes she/he has been unlawfully discriminated against or harassed.

For complaints regarding discrimination please contact:

Title IX Coordinator – Heather Correia (508) 992-4025


Dean of Students – Andrew Pottel (508) 992-4025


Disability Services Complaint Resolution information:

For complaints regarding disability services please contact: 

Dean of Students – Andrew Pottel (508) 992-4025


Report an Incident:

Any member of the College community may register a complaint when an alleged violation of the Code of Student Conduct Standards has occurred.

To report an incident please contact:

Dean of Students – Andrew Pottel (508) 992-4025


Commonwealth of Massachusetts:

The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education provides an avenue for the informal resolution of student complaints and concerns regarding institutions of higher education in Massachusetts.